5/19/2012 ENTRY #100 and the end of the rough body work!

Today I got underneath and welded the bottom edge of the dogleg panel, and welded up some small areas in the door sill where the welds had not stuck by whoever replaced the rocker panels. I put 3M seam sealer between the rocker and the new dogleg where they meet and then a thin skim coat of filler. Luckily the area was very smooth and the weld came out good so it required very little. While I was at it, I wanted to touch up one small spot where the paint had bubbled by the right rear tail light. I had ground the area earlier and was just going to weld a small piece of metal from behind, but the heat from the welder uncovered fiberglass work around it. After I ground it off, and cleaned up the area, I welded a small piece in from the back and ground it down. And that marks the end of welding body work (still have floor work and wheel well work to do...) From here on out, I'll be block sanding to smooth, touching up small areas and preparing for primer/sealer and then paint.

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