6/16/2012 Passenger Side Door.

Yesterday I was able to get the window regulator and fly window back into the passenger side door. Today, I got the latch mechanism back in and adjusted properly. It works perfectly. Next, I got the dash board bolted in, top and bottom, fixed the speedo mount that was loose and allowing the gauge to turn in the dash. I also scrubbed the dash cap, and set it in place. I'll glue it down later. Finally, someone had cut out a square of the floor where the seat bolts down, presumably because the bolt in the floor stripped. I welded a nut to a square of metal and welded it into the floor. Then I bolted the drivers seat down and took the car for a two mile run. I came back and topped off the tires with air, and corrected a minor steering problem from a nut that was left loose. Once I get the brake lights wired up, I'll take the car for a longer ride. Things are progressing!

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