6/20/2012 Driver's Door and Wiring.

Over the last few days, I've gotten a lot done. I got most of the fuse box wiring done. A few more circuits to go to completely eliminate the fire hazard Lucas fuse panel and get the Ford one in. Starter relay was relocated and mounted/wired. The volt gauge I bought was installed in the console.

I received my order of parts, and was able to install the door latch and get it adjusted for the driver's door. Then the regulator was installed and window installed with new channel weatherstrip. It may not sound like a lot, but I got a lot done. Next step will be the hood latch, and then carburetor adjustment. Before the engine was removed, the idle was steady at 800, since the engine was reinstalled, it's much higher at 1300-1500 with the idle screws backed all the way out. I may have to remove the carbs and lock the poppet valves as suggested online, if I don't find another source for vacuum leak. Once that's ironed out, I'll take it for a longer right, since I now have BRAKE LIGHTS!

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