8/3/2012 Bless me father for I have sinned...

I reinstalled those blasphemous rubber bumpers on the car today. As usual, preparation had to be done twice. The bumpers were wet sanded until smooth, all of the scratches and chips were repaired, and the bumpers were sprayed with a bumper black spray paint meant just for this purpose. But it didn't work. It left the bumpers a dark brown splotchy color, even with many coats. Back to the drawing board. I re-sanded and went to the paint store to buy paint for the paint gun. Satin black, meant for rubber, sprayed with the spray gun and we are back in business with perfect satin black finish I needed. They are not perfect, but they were fairly beat up and look very presentable now.

After that, I concentrated on tidying up the wiring the engine compartment. All of the dodgy electrical connections were soldered and shrink wrapped for reliability. Next, I used a wiring looming to tie the wires together and make them neat. In typical British car fashion, this simple task of tidying up the wiring caused everything to go wrong, and now I have some troubleshooting to do. I believe the Delco alternator fitted by a previous owner is not working, but the gauges are acting up and I'm not sure why. We'll see.

Next, on a quest to be legal, I concentrated on the wiring. First I chopped out the brand new wire connectors I purchased, and soldered the tail lights in directly. I did the same for the front parking/turn signal lights. The "Made in Taiwan" connectors were horrible and you would have to wiggle them for the lights to work, defeating the purpose of them. Solder and shrink wrap and the connections were completely reliable and water tight. As of now the brake lights and parking lights are working perfectly, as well as the horn and the headlights. I still have to work with the turn signals, as only the right front is working. More to come....

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