8/6/2012 Springs finally arrived!

The springs that I ordered in the beginning of the summer arrived today, and in less than an hour, both were swapped out. First I jacked up the car and took off the front wheels. I supported the lower suspension arm with the floor jack and took it up enough to take the spring tension off of the lower trunnion. With pivot bolt removed, I dropped the jack, and swapped out the spring. The arm was jacked back up, pivot bolt replaced, and shock oil topped off while I had the wheel off. Same drill for the other side. The car lowered about an inch. Hopefully the springs will settle a little more, but even if they don't the car sits MUCH more evenly.

I reviewed the wiring diagrams and went back to the drawing board with the alternator wiring. Instead of having the alternator charge into the switched circuit, I ran the charging wire directly back to the positive on the starter. The charging light is working now (but doesn't turn off when the car is off), and the alternator is charging just under 14 volts, but the bearings are whining a bit. The gauges are working again. I also snipped the distributor signal wire, and soldered on a new piece with shrink wrap for durability and I made it a little bit longer so it wouldn't be stretched. Finally, I rewrapped the wires with the black looming which came better this time than last time.

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