1/31/2010 More wiring.

While it may seem that I'm bouncing around, right now I see it more like putting out fires, fixing one little problem at a time. Each little project opens up a can of worms and I veer off in another direction.

Tonight my mission was to fix the gas gauge. I had already checked the power the other day and it was getting power. The wire from the sending unit was plugged in but tracing it 6 inches down I found that the original wiring harness was cut, and a substitute wire was crudely routed through the dashboard and under the "new" floors, sandwiched between the new sheet metal and the original floor. I spliced the lead back into the original harness with soldier and heat shrink tube. Then I checked continuity back to the wire hanging close to the sending unit. The circuit had continuity, so I soldiered the correct connector on the end and connected it to the sender. The ground wire was completely missing so I made one, again soldering and using heat shrink tubing on both ends.

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In order to remove that wire, check out the emergency brake switch and assess the condition of the floors I removed the passenger seat. The "repaired" floor was a heavy gauge sheet metal sitting on the floor with the seat bolts holding it in place. I removed the sheet metal and the floor underneath was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be except for a hole towards the back and one up front. In any event, I think this floor pan will be replaced as a whole in the interest of structural integrity.

I also got the brake warning light circuit wired, got the safety switch installed and checked everything. The brake light comes on when either the master cylinder fails or the emergency brake is pulled, just like it's supposed to.


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