3/11/2013 It's Always Something...

So we took the car for a ride the other day. Ran great, no issues. Until... on the way home, it starts to pull to the right. Hard. We were close to home, so we went straight home to find that the right front caliper was sticking. When the car was in the garage, I pushed the car and it seemed to have freed up. BUT, since I have the caliper rebuild kits, and never installed them, it seems that's on the list of things to do.

The starter has been making a strange noise, although it's been working. I ordered a used one off of eBay to replace mine, so I could drive the car while I look into in. Alas, the starter I got was different and therefore useless. I took it apart anyway, to see how it works, so I don't have to experiment with mine. So, I guess I have no choice but to dig into the starter and see what's going on inside.

I also got the gas tank mounting hardware. I will be dropping the tank very soon to see where the smell of gasoline is coming from.

It's always something...

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