5/24/2013 Back at it...

The last two months have been very hectic with work, school and life, and as a result the car has not had much attention. But it hasn't been sitting either... I've racked up a couple of hundred miles of weekend trips with relatively no trouble. (Knocking on wood) The brakes have not locked up again, and while I haven't forgotten about what happened, I'm waiting before I dive into it. The starter continues to make the sound, but it cranks every time, so I'm going with it.

To get back into the swing of things, I decided a trip to the junk yard was in order. I was able to get a good console to replace my cracked and disfigured pieces. I was also able to get some other things that will be decor in the garage or sold on eBay. I have a few projects in mind for the summer... One is to replace the oil pan gasket with the FelPro replacement I bought some time ago. I may go back to the junk yard and snag the front shocks off of that parts car... I will dress up the replacement console and install that soon, it also came with an original arm rest hinge to replace the generic junk hinge that is loose fitting that a previous owner installed. Eventually I will drop the gas tank, probably when I do some welding to replace some floor metal.

But we're back to WORK on the MGB.

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