1/6/2014 Catching Up.

It has been a while since the website has been updated, but work has been getting done. First, I wanted to purchase a tool package, but I could only find green on-line. I showed my mother, a master at the sewing machine, what I wanted and this is what she made. Brilliant!

I had purchased a console from the junkyard that was in great shape except that it was sun-bleached. Mine was cracked all over and melted by a previous owner. I reinforced the console from behind with fiberglass, and refinished the surface with a black paint, covered with a satin polyurethane. I am very pleased with the result. It looks less "plastic-ky".

Rewind a few years, one of the first project tackled was the brakes, and the master cylinder was the culprit. Or one of them... So when I replaced the rubber brake lines with stainless lines, I expected a firmer pedal, but instead got a softer pedal. After the holidays I decided to remove the master cylinder to bench bleed it, and discovered an issue. The "new" master cylider had failed after covering around 950 miles. Naturally the fluid dripped down and removed the paint from the brake booster. With the new master cylinder installed, the brakes feel right again.

The engine has leaked oil pretty consistently since the engine was re-installed. Upon inspection, I found the oil pan gasket to be leaking. When I installed the gasket, I put a very thin coat of RTV and assembled. After reading online, I found that a thicker coat of RTV is required on either side of the gasket. The oil pan is then installed, and the bolts installed hand tight. The RTV is then allowed to dry overnight, and then tightened the following day before oil is put into the engine. So far, no engine oil drips. While I was under the car, I retightened anything that was loose.

Finally, the rear axle work suffered from the same gasket issue as the oil pan. The rear axle cover was removed, gasket surface cleaned, and a new gasket cut out of Fel-Pro gasket material instead of the paper thin gasket I received from my supplier. The same seal procedure was used, allowing it to dry overnight and then tightened the follwoing day before adding oil. This also has not leaked in the few days since it was done.

Hopefully, I can update this website more often. I think this year, Cristian and I will be taking on the Moss Motoring Challenge! CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!

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