6/14/2014 Rear Springs

After I got the leaf springs freed from the car, I disassembled them. The bolt holding them together is sheared off on both, but for the clamps I heated them and bent them out to get the spring apart. I took each leaf and used a wire wheel on an angle grinder to remove any rust, undercoating, and dirt.

Next, they were painted with black rustproof and rust neutralizing paint. They were re-assembled with new spring liners to prevent the leaves from rubbing against each other for smooth and quiet action. The center bolt was replaced with a 5/16 x 3 1/2 Grade 8 with fine thread and a nylon locking bolt. The old aligning pin was part of the bolt. I had to drill out the alignment pin and run the bolt through it and then through the leaves of the spring.

The old rubber bushing was removed by prying out the rubber, cutting the steel outer part and removing it. The hole was cleaned up and new urethane bushings installed. See the before and after pictures. The second spring is drying now, and I hope to have them re-installed tomorrow.

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