9/13/2015 Engine/Transmission Back In

Over the last few days, I have re-sprayed the engine compartment to cover all past sins and freshen everything up. I have also re-painted the engine to cover up issues that have happened over the last few years. I mated the new transmission with all new hardware, and dropped the whole assembly back into the car. Easier said than done, but the second time, things went much easier. Every bolt tightened correctly, with new hardened hardware, where needed. Next the brand new exhaust manifold was installed and mated to the new exhaust that I installed earlier in the week. This system is polished stainless steel, and should last a lifetime and look better. I still have some work to do, but most of the work from underneath is done. To finish, I still have to install the starter, alternator, radiator, air cleaners, distributor cap and wires, and hook the wires back up. I also had to remove the front bumper because my engine crane wouldn't reach in far enough, so I'll have to put that back as well. I'm also going to put the protective grille back while I have the front apart; I never did re-install it the first time. Then all new fluids and we should be (theoretically) back in business. I also have an order of parts such as firewall grommets and small pieces to install, and rear brake cylinders, because it's always something with an MG.

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