9/25/2015 MGB in London!

The engine is back in, and everything is back together. Because I took everything out in one piece, all carb and timing adjustments were left alone, and the car started right back up with no issues. The only problem that I have that I didn't have before is that the fuel gauge is reading almost empty, and I found out the hard way that the tank is full. So I'll cross off some items from my list and add another one.

As far as the new transmission goes... well, it's better. It shifts perfectly in all gears, except the downshift to third is slightly crunching in this transmission as well. It's much better than the other one was. The plan now is to tear down the original and see if I can repair it. Then some day - far in the future - if I ever take the transmission out again, the repaired one will go back in. Until then, slow downshifts from fourth to third, and accept that it's a British Leyland built MGB... with all of the associated problems.

Despite extensive taping and covering, some overspray managed to escape and coat the hood and parts of the fenders. I took this opportunity to clay bar, high speed polish, and wax everything - which came well, and I think looks better than it ever has.

Last night I removed the tachometer for two reasons - to properly mount the oil pressure gauge that had been sitting at an angle due to a loose nut, and to replace the alternator idiot light with a new one I purchased a long time ago. I also removed the heater controls and buffed them clean with plastic compound and gave the whole dash a good cleaning. More to follow - there is always something to fix.

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