5/24/2016 LED Dash Lights, Fuel Gauge, and Fuel Hoses

Since my last update, I've been enjoying the car, driving it occasionally. I have not had to do much work. One project I wanted to tackle was the gauge backlighting in the dashboard. The lighting was VERY dim, even with the dimmer rheostat bypassed. I read online that updating to LED bulbs would help. I bought one set, but the light was too white and looked wrong. I found antique white LED bulbs - and they worked perfectly. Not too bright but sufficient to see the gauges in the dark. The first picture shows LED bulbs in only the left two gauges for contrast - you can see how the oil pressure gauge, speedometer and temperature gauge are very dark, as compared to the fuel and tachometer. In the second picture all of the gauges have LED light bulbs installed.

The gas gauge stopped working some time ago. I purchased a new sending unit, but when I pulled the original out, I saw that the sender itself was perfect, but the plastic float had filled with fuel. I was able to gently repair the crack in the plastic float and return the original into the car. I'll hold onto the new, non-original unit in case the original ever fails.

I noticed a stream of bubbles in the glass fuel filter bowl in the engine compartment. I suspected that air was being drawn in by the pump. Upon inspection, the steel braided fuel hoses that draw fuel from the tank to the pump and then from the pump to the fuel supply line both showed signs of leaking and general wear. The steel braids had shredded and they looked generally dangerous. Both were replaced which was an easier job than I feared. All of the bolts loosened easily and I was able to cut the rusty clamps easily. The supply line was actually loose and almost slid off without removing the clamp. I suspect that is where the air was being drawn into the system. The job was straightforward, there were no leaks when I finished, and no more air bubbles in the fuel supply.

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