2/16/2010 Making a blast cabinet and suspension blasting.

I've been working on a blast cabinet in my mind for a while and today I put it all together. It only cost about $35 and worked very well the first time after a little tweaking. I started out with a storage bin with a hinged lid. I put a metal grate in the bottom suspended 3" from the bottom. I cut a square out of the top for viewing and a square out of the back to shine light in. Two holes for sand and air hoses, and two holes for the rubber gloves I bought and I was in business. After about 30 seconds of blasting, the "low dust" aggregate made so much dust that I couldn't see at all. I attached the shop vac to the vent, opened up the hole a little bit and it worked out great. Still got dusty but small breaks in blasting gave it some time to suck the dust out.

A break from blasting...

So this is the spring before I started.

And after... I still have some touching up to do.

A nice shot of "Chassis black" and that'll be one part completed. All of the suspension parts to be re-used will be blasted and sprayed black.

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