2/23/2010 A little bit of everything.

I am trying to get my work space in order and finish all of my little projects in between working on the car. I don't want anything to be half done. So, since I had already bought the paint and had the scheme in my head, I painted the garage this weekend. I think it came good, I have a few little touch ups to do but it's pretty much done. Since the car cannot be moved at this time, I moved everything off of the walls towards the car. Since the new shed will be built very soon, I moved the base outside and am leaving everything thats going to the shed accessible. Unfortunately this means a mess on the floor but hopefully it won't be for too long.

Also, I am trying to put things where they are going to go, which meant cutting out the plywood for the cabinet doors on the bottom. I'll buy hinges and fir 1x2's and hopefully hang and frame those doors this weekend. Time permitting.

Tonight, eager to get going again on the blasting, I started with the drivers side A-arm. I separated the pieces, and blasted one arm and the plate that the spring sits in. My plexiglass sight glass got etched to a frost in about an hour leaving me blind. Luckily I had a piece of real glass lying around which I attached to the lid with duct tape. Crystal clear, didn't etch (yet) and easily wiped clean. Lets see if that gets etched too.

The spring tray. It will require some touch up but it came out real nice. These parts will look great with a shot of black paint.

I will be re-using these bushings because I think they are still salvagable and the budget is tight.

Just kidding. The replacement bushings are recommended by my "supplier" and were standard equipment on the MGB-GT V8, so they should easily outlive the original rubber.

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