3/24/2010 Website Revisions.

Today I installed a forum on the website, the link is in the bottom left corner. This is for discussion or any suggestions. While I think there are very few visitors to this site, maybe someday it can become a reference to other new MG owners, or any do it yourself auto restorer. We'll see.

While I was at it, I eliminated the "What it's cost so far" page, so the spouse doesn't know what I've spent (he he). I also made the logo smaller and made it a link back to the home page, so no matter where you are you can always click it to come home. I also made the dates on the left smaller in an attempt to make the actual content in the middle bigger and easier to view.

My next website project is to incorporate a mailing list to inform anyone who cares when the website has been updated. For now, I'll just send you emails, Dad.

I may move the links for the forums to the top right instead of the bottom since that top right corner seems a waste. But we'll see. Thats all for now, this weekend will be blasting and painting the remaining parts, and disassembling the king pins. I still have hours of cleaning, blasting, painting and disassembly to do before I can think about reassembling anything.

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