7/9/2010 Victory and Defeat

While I remain defeated with the car, as all attempts to remove the remainder of the king pin from the upper trunnion have failed, I have succeeded with my second attempt at restoring an vintage radio, namely this 1941 General Electric L-640. I did start the car the other day and let it run for about 20 minutes to flush out the carbs. The car started right up after all of this time and ran great. Im looking forward to moving forward and having it rolling by fall. So, here are some RADIO pictures, which are totally unrelated to the car, but satisfying nonetheless.

The radio as purchased:

Okay now besides the obvious need for aesthetic restoration, the radio played well but at a very low volume. I thought this should be easy to fix, but BOY was I wrong. After about a month of going back and forth with a VERY helpful guy on the forums at www.nostalgiaair.org, I was able to trace down the issue. It seems that someone had already attempted an electronic restoration by "re-capping" the radio, and replacing all of the resistors. BUT, as it turns out there were two resistors wired in parallel that should have been in series, AND a whole circuit omitted from the radio. Aside from that the radio/phono switch was broken internally. So it's hard to tell if the restorer was trying to fix the volume and couldn't figure it out because of the phono switch... But very long story, very short... We're in business and I owe a lot of learning to "73's de Edd" who shared his electrical genius with me.

After all was installed and updated, the final product plays perfect AM, 2 bands of shortwave AND the phono jack is working now, so when I wired my I-Pod (or I-Phone 4) into the jack... I got beautiful sound and perfect volume control.

1941 General Electric L-640 playing correctly for the first time. Click this sentence.

After the electronics were sorted out and the case was restored with polyuretane, new decals and new grille cloth... Well the pictures should say it all...

I am very pleased with the result of radio #2, having learned a LOT about tube electronics, capacitors, resistance, and case restoration. Hopefully #3 will come as good or better!

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