12/21/2009 Time to fire it up.

Checked the carbs, fixed a leaking fuel line. All set. After a little cranking she starts but sputtering and backfiring. Sounds like an ignition issue. Check the order of the plug wires and #2 and #3 are backwards. Switch them to their correct position (per the book), crank and NOTHING. Not even a backfire. Remove the distributor to replace the points. Realize that everything BUT the points came with the car. BUT found out that whoever put in the last points used their own screw, which was too long, disabling the vacuum advance and making the points sit at an angle. Grinded the screw down to the proper depth, reassembled the distributor (the points looked okay anyway), set the gap, put it back in, static timed the ignition and gave it another shot.


Not to be outsmarted, I went back to what worked (a little) and put #2 and #3 backwards. Started it up and it ran, sputtered and backfiring, but ran. So then I said well if #2 and #3 should be backwards (from what the book says), #1 and #4 should also be switched as two can't be backwards without the other two also being reversed.

Click here to hear the result!!!

Finally I tried to bleed the brakes, and while I got some pedal, some further inspection is required. The pedal is soft and it feels like only one caliper is grabbing. More to come on that!

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