2/16/11 First post of 2011.

Well the new year started off on a sour note for the MG. The Florida DMV informed me that the bill of sale accompanying the title was not sufficient to transfer ownership into my name. So... Luckily I was able to contact the previous owner who is titling the car in his name and then transferring ownership to me.

In the mean time, I have continued to work on the interior panels. The kick panels and back panels are done, and I have the drivers door panel wood cut out. I am perfecting that, then I will trace it for the passenger side and cover it.

I have begun working on the bodywork as well, because my free time is coming to an end. I started by welding up the antenna and front left marker light, along with the holes from the mirror that was mounted on the fender. While preparing the area for welding, I put a wire wheel on the grinder to remove the paint. What I found was thick body filler. After removing the body filler I found that a previous owner was trying to fill a hole where other mirrors were mounted. They banged in the area around the hole and filled the whole area with filler. I was able to remove the filler, bang out the dent with a hammer and dolly, and weld up the holes. I will need to put a skim coat of filler, but it should be far superior to thick filler. Welding the holes up should ensure that the repairs last a long time.

Marker light delete:

Antenna delete:

Mirror delete:

With any luck, I will have my title soon to register the car. I'm going to paint the second two wheels during a free weekend coming up soon; body work and interior panels will be ongoing side by side as time allows.

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