3/26/11 Body Work

I havenít updated with work in a while so hereís an update. I have welded up all of the holes for the old trunk emblems, and the marker lights. The first picture is of a front light, but all four corners look the same. Then I spray painted all 4 corners with etching primer and then put a thin coat of filler on the rear two, along with the welded and ground spots on the trunk lid.

The last time I worked on the car, I took my wire wheel to a small bubble located on the passenger side dogleg behind the door. What was a small bubble turned out to be the whole corner rusted out through all three layers. The following pictures show the cutting out of all three layers of bad metal, and the subsequent replacement of the inner most layer and the fabrication of the outer two layers. I fell short of installing them today, maybe I can get to that tomorrow.

Finally, this is the first page of www.mgnewbie.com that has been written on a Mac!! Hopefully in the future I can improve the website using this new computer.

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