3/30/11 Dog Leg Repairs Continue

Today I was able to make some additional adjustments to the inner panel, fit and re-fit until the panel fit near perfect, and then weld it in. I drilled the bottom flange and used that to effectively spot weld the bottom and then tacked around the outside of the rest of it. After getting the panel welded in, I sprayed the whole area with a Rustoleum paint that neutralizes any rust that may still have been there and coats it to prevent additional rust in the future. The same was done to the innermost panel before welding this panel in. Once the outer body panel is welded in, I will paint everything from the access hole inside the car. Hopefully this will prevent any rust from developing in the future.

This weekend, if all goes well, we (my son and I) are off to Orlando to attend the "All British Car and Motorcycle Show" in Winter Park. My son has strep throat but the doctor says by Saturday he should be up to the task. We'll see!

This is attempt #2 at using the Mac to update the website. Attempt #1 was a complete disaster and was finished and uploaded from my trusty Dell.

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