4/8/11 Passenger Door

Since the right rear quarter panel is roughed in, I moved forward and removed the passenger door. The rockers are solid and rust free so the door is the next step. After using the wire wheel to clean up the bottom of the door, I found the skin rusted through but the door frame itself pretty solid except for a small piece rusted in the corner. As seems to be a recurring theme with this car, a small rust spot was repaired with fiberglass. In this case the drain holes in the bottom of the door were covered up as well. It would appear that the water got trapped beneath the fiberglass "repair" and the metal. The following pictures are the result. The metal was cut out, a new repair piece will be welded in place.

Next was on to the "crack of doom", a common area where the door cracks due to the stress of pulling/pushing on the vent window. Unfortunately for me, someone already tried fixing this crack, by brazing the crack closed. This made things messy for me because a new crack formed AND the original crack opened up. The solution of welding a plate from the inside to reinforce was complicated by this prior repair. So, I had to CUT OUT the repair leaving a big hole. Then I welded in a thicker steel plate which I formed to the inside of the door. Once this was welded in place, I cut another piece of metal to the shape of the missing door skin and welded this in place so the surface of the door panel was flush. While I was at it, I welded up those old mirror holes and cut out and patched a few small rust holes toward the front of the door in the upper corner. More damage uncovered by the wire wheel that was previously repaired with fiberglass.

The crack of doom was repaired on the drivers door as well so who knows what I'll uncover on that side.

Finally, here is the way the car looks as of today. Windshield removed anticipating rust underneath the seal, but luckily there was none. One less thing to fix. Passenger door off for repair, front bumper still attached because the studs that attach the bumper are spinning in place. Five minutes and a sawzall should fix that problem.

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