4/20/11 Hood Repairs

The front right fender had a dent that carried over into the hood, which was removed for the most part and made pretty smooth with some interesting hydraulic jack work with a metal rod, using the weight of the car to push the dents out from the bottom. It came out smooth and will require a very thin coat of filler to perfect. Next came the hood, using various sized pry bars, again most of the dent was removed. When removing the dent some old filler flaked off. A half an hour later and about 5 lbs of filler was ground off the first 8 inches or so of the hood, restoring the crisp lines of the crest and bringing back the alignment of the hood with the fenders for the most part. It's not perfect but much better without the filler.

This uncovered more of the dreaded fiberglass repairs and more holes. I began by cutting the metal out one spot at a time and welding in new repair pieces. I have completed two of the three corners requiring repair. The last corner will be done another day after the Easter weekend holiday.

Driver's side rear hood corner.

Driver's side front hood corner.

Next project: Passenger side front hood corner.

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