4/28/11 Hood Repairs and Finer Points..

Today, I cut and shaped the final repair pieces for the hood, for the front passenger side corner. Because of the compound curve of the area, I had to use the hammer to shape the piece. This is where an English Wheel would have come in handy.. But since I don't have one, I beat it into shape as smooth as I could. My English Wheel is called Bondo :) So… I got it in shape, cut out the old and welded in the new. I wasn't too thrilled with the welding job I did. I just wasn't in the groove I guess, because I laid on a lot of metal that I'm going to have to grind off… I've been doing a better job than this but I guess it's all practice so there's not much I can do except grind off the excess and move on. Except for a few small pin holes, I am done with the hood welding.

One of my biggest "pet peeves" with these British cars are the visible seams. I like the seams, they give the car a distinct classic look. BUT… you see a lot of the seams un-even, due to loading up with body filler or many coats of paint. This seems like an oversight to me. I've seen many sharp cars out there with messy seams and to me it detracts from the car. I took to correct this on my car. Wire wheel in hand I simply ran the length of the seam, cleaning it out. Afterwards, a quick wipe down with acetone, and a spray with etching primer. Quick and clean and now at least this seam looks good.

Finally, since this fender will not be requiring any more work, a nice coat of etching primer. While a wet sand towards the end will hopefully reveal any slight imperfections, there are no further repairs here. Seeing a nice even coat of primer on this fender gives me a glimpse of things to come and keeps me motivated. Once I get this welding done I can start to bang out the finish work and move closer to paint.

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