5/17/11 Cylinder Head Work

Tonight I finished valve lapping, and completely cleaned and degreased the head. While it still LOOKS dirty, all of the oil and coolant journals are now clean, all caked on grease and oil has been removed, the valve guides have been scrubbed with a nylon brush to clean but not scratch them.

I also learned that this car doesn't use the valve stem seals that I'm used to, and the last person to work on this car installed them incorrectly. There is no seal to keep the oil from seeping down the valve seal, the oil actually should seep down to lubricate the valve. The valve stem seal on this car is a small O-ring which simply keeps sitting oil after shutdown from continuing to seep into the cylinder. I will replace these as they should be when I reassemble the valve train later in the week. After that re-assembly, I'll tape it off and carefully prime and paint the head.

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