5/21/11 Engine/Head Work and Mysteries Solved

Today I removed the front and rear of the engine to replace the rear main seal and strip the parts for repaint and replace the gaskets. The plates were removed and stripped with a wire wheel and primed the parts for paint.

Upon disassembly I found out why there is no wear on this engine. It has been recently rebuilt with a replacement crane came and cylinders bored .020 over. So, basically I'm replacing all of the seals, cleaning everything up, reassembling and painting it.

After that, I reassembled the cylinder head with the original type O-ring oil seals located under the retainers just like it's supposed to be from the factory. Plenty of oil in the valve guides was added just in case it takes a while to start the car again. I want to make sure it stays wet with oil.

More reassembly to come...

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