6/8/11 Engine Compartment Continued...

Hours of work today and although I know I'm moving forward, I feel like I'm not getting very far. I'm conflicted between getting the work done quickly and not cutting corners… So, today I applied the coil sticker to the repainted bracket.

The steel box that holds the washer fluid reservoir and pump was stripped down, the pits in the metal filled with a spot putty, sanded and primed. Unfortunately I ran out of black gloss but I'll remedy that very soon.

The heater box cover… stripped, primed and painted. Waiting for coat number 2.

The project that's been occupying the most time has been degreasing, welding, spot putty, sanding and preparing the engine bay for paint. Today I spent most of the day wet sanding, MORE degreasing, removing small parts and getting ready for seam sealer which I purchased today from a specialty shop here locally. The driver's side is ready for primer, the passenger side is primed and pretty much ready for paint.

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