6/17/11 Engine Compartment Paint

This might be my first update in 9 days, but I have been working. Primer, sanding, spot putty, wetsand, prime, repeat. Going over the engine compartment trying to get it as perfect as possible, although I know it won't be perfect. The following two pictures show my "completed" work under the hood, awaiting paint.

Now… the big test. COLOR. I had everything ready for paint, the plan for today was tape, mix and shoot. That's it. Things went as planned, I taped off the engine bay, and wrapped the suspension components in paper to protect from overspray. Next I mixed the paint in a 4:1:1 ratio in a separate container. Then I stirred, strained and put the paint in the gun. I tested out the spray on some newspaper and then I painted a separate item that just happened to need the same color I was painting the car. More on that later. Then I took to the engine compartment starting from the back. Luckily I did because I had the paint gun was set way too wet and the paint ran. These runs will be behind the heater box, so thats why I say LUCKILY.

After re-adjusting the gun, I sprayed the entire engine compartment. At first I was spraying in a fan pattern, but I quickly found that a round pattern was more appropriate for the tight spaces and small details of the engine bay. Long story short, Im pleased with the job. It's not perfect. In retrospect, the prep work could have been better. The paint coverage was good but there's a little bit of dust. Finally I found that there is NO WAY I can paint anything else without a respirator with this paint. I thought since it's a small area, it would be okay. It was BRUTAL and I'm still tasting it. I'm going to consider this a good learning lesson and a success and considering all of the work was done on a budget and in the garage, I'm happy with it. See for yourself:

The last picture is WITHOUT flash and represents the color most accurately.

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