7/4/11 Transmission Work

Taking a break from body work, I decided to spruce up the transmission. Driving the car, the transmission seemed very good, no noises, no clunking etc etc. But it was leaking slightly from the rear seal, and the inside of the bellhousing was very greasy, so I'm sure the front seal was leaking too. I replaced the following: Front oil seal and housing gasket, clutch fork brass bushing, clutch fork rubber boot, throw out bearing, rear oil seal, and the bushing for the shift lever.

The original throwout bearing was a carbon friction type which just seems like a bad idea to me… So I replaced it with a true bearing type unit which should last much longer and put less stress on everything.

The shifter throw didn't seem very sporty, it seemed more truck like. I cut 1 1/2 inches off of the shift lever and re-tapped it for the shift knob. The transmission seems tight overall, and is ready to go back in.

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