7/6/11 Back to body work...

Today I wet sanded the areas which I felt were almost done to find high and low spots, in search of the perfect finish. We'll see. The trunk lid looks great, and is ready for a filler primer. Rear panel above bumper, and forward to the back of the doors is the same. Dog leg and lower door repairs on drivers side remain to be done. Hopefully this weekend I can tackle those. Front left fender repair came out very well, and finish work is progressing nicely. In the end, very little filler will be needed on that repair. Drivers door "crack of doom" and mirror holes came out near perfect and also required minimal filler. Front right fender is also almost ready save for finish work, passenger side front fender is almost there as well. Front cowl and rear panel forward of the trunk lid or "boot" is also almost ready. I'll have to go buy a filler primer soon.

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