7/7/11 Passenger Side Rear Quarter

One of the issues I've been avoiding is the right rear quarter panel. It's rust free (except for the previously repaired dog leg), but it was pushed in above the wheel. This was straightened by the previous owner with about 1/2 inch of plastic filler tapered out. Honestly, you couldn't tell until I took the grinder to it. I don't think it was due to an accident, I think that when the quarter was replaced, it was brazed in place and either the gas torch welding warped the panel OR it wasn't lined up properly OR the quarter was replace DUE TO an accident. In any event, it was way out of shape and I didn't want to put 1/2 inch of filler back in! So I was trying to figure out a way to get it back into shape without making the problem worse.

Then I had an idea. I can use my HONDA to fix my MGB. So, I got the jack out of the trunk, and put the jack in between the inner fender and the wheel well and pushed the fender out. I moved the jack around pushing from the center out. Going as far as I could with the jack, I moved to the trunk on the back part, and the inside of the fender towards the front with a pry bar to push the remainder of the panel out.

It's not perfect but it's in the right shape. Tomorrow I have some hammer and dolly work to do and I'll still need filler. But it will be thin.

On the opposite corner, I'm down to finish work on the repair. Prime, flat sand, repeat.

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