7/10/11 Side Project - Outer Space

After taking Cristian to Kennedy Space Center and seeing how excited he got, I decided to bring a little piece of it to him. 1x4 spruce lumber frame with 3/4 inch styrofoam cut a little big, pressed and glued in place. Then the whole thing wrapped in "space" fabric. The solar system (which lights up and orbits the sun via remote control, mind you…) was mounted dead center, and then the whole panel was mounted from one end to the ceiling via hinges. Then with safety pin in hand, 188 tiny holes punched thru the styrofoam and fiber optics threaded through and glued from the back. All of the fiber optic was routed through to a halogen lighting unit removed from a fiber optic doll I purchased online for that purpose. The fiber optic unit has a motor with a disc that turns to change the colors. All color was removed and replaced with a black stripe to give a "twinkle" effect. After everything dried and was installed, the panel was swung up to the ceiling and attached at the other end.

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