7/11/11 Moving Around

Today I started on the driver's side front fender repair and continued to perfect that area. With a finer sand paper on the flat board, I removed more filler and got the area perfect. I also used hammer and dolly to flatten out some slightly high areas. After that a guide coat of primer to sand it and start again.

Then I moved to the back passenger side fender with the 40 grit on the flat board to remove as much of the filler that was there before and where I had started applying before I pulled it back into shape. This left me with just a few low spots which can't be accessed from behind the fender. So… a skim of filler which I'll take down hopefully tomorrow.

And while that was drying… I came to the front right marker light repair where I felt there was a low spot below the welding, probably due to the welding causing warpage. Instead of plastic filler, I used the hammer and dolly to bring the metal as close to the correct contour as possible and then after spraying a guide coat and sanding, I put a skim of filler. More sanding here too.

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