1/11/2010 Garage work and ordering parts...

Unfortunately I have no new pictures today. But I have been busy. I was able to get the media to blast the wheels, 100 lbs, which should be enough for all of my projects. When I sandblasted the Datsun, I used "Silica Sand", without a dust mask or anything. Breathing silica sand dust causes "Silicosis" (which is bad). So I bought the correct blasting media, a few dust masks and blasting gloves.

I put the car on the rollers that it came with so I can move it around the garage which has been very convenient as I put away Christmas decorations and build out my work area. Tonight, I removed the brake booster which contained most of the missing brake fluid. I set it upside down to drain and will give it a once over before re-installing. I was able to locate a new repro brake master cylinder, so Im waiting for that to arrive.

For now I'll wait for the brake booster and my carb needles to arrive. If I have time while Im waiting, I'll get back to buffing out those trim rings and center caps for the wheels. More pictures to come!

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