12/4/11 Back to Work

So, where were we? I have not done much since my last update. I was able to remove the nuts for the wiper arms with a torch, because they were pitted and need to be replaced.

I bought a replacement used hood online that was described as perfect but needs some work. There's a small dent in the leading edge, which should be a quick fix and the back seems bent somehow and I'm hoping thats a simple tweak to make it fit right. Compared to the other hood that was perforated with rust, this one is completely solid. This should save me lots of time.

The front valance was rusted through in places. Before I wasted any more time on it, I just bought a new replacement which will require a touch of trimming to fit properly.

The driver's door is rusted through on the bottom. My plan was to use my newly mastered metal working skills (joking) to repair it. BUT... as time has become limited and quite expensive, it was cheaper for me to buy a solid door online to work with. It's on it's way.

So... after Wednesday my plans are to trim the front valance and mount it, drill the screws holding the drivers door on in preparation for the new one, and see what I can do with that hood. More to come at the end of the week!!

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