12/9/11 There is no time to waste...

I got home from work today and got right to work. First task was to get that front valance fitted, before I step on it and bend it... After some careful trimming around the bumper mounts, and drilling four missing mounting bolt holes, it lined up perfectly and drew then fenders to the front of the car perfect. The panels are very solid now. I'm very pleased with the result.

Once the front valance was attached, I removed the hood to work out the bend on the back edge. I was able to restore the shape of the back lip without doing any more damage and now the hood sits correctly. I'll flat sand it to make sure it's perfectly flat before painting. It does sit perfectly now.

Feeling like I was on a roll, I attacked the rear valance which is rust free but was bent up quite a bit. With some patience and a 4" sheet metal clamp, I was able to straighten it out nearly perfectly. Now I just need to trim around the exhaust pipe in a half moon shape. Someone cut it before, I'll just be cleaning up the ugly cut.

My final project for the day was to remove the driver's side door. I was notified today that my replacement door just shipped. I already knew the screws to remove the door were rusted solid and stripped so I had to drill them all out and then chop up the door to get it off. If I was going to re-use the door, I may have been a little more gentle. Since this door is trash and will be used for parts, I just got it off the quickest way I knew how. Brute force. I have no idea what is the trick to get these doors off without destroying them!

More to come this weekend!

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