12/15/11 New Drivers Door

Well new is an overstatement. A HUGE overstatement. "Great shape, very solid with no dents..." was the exact description on eBay. When the door arrived, it looked okay. It looked beat up but I was hoping it was surface only. There were a few dents that weren't described in the ad... but the door had a thick layer of paint that was flaking and had to come off. Stripping the paint revealed rust damage AND accident damage which was repaired by drilling a million holes and pulling the dent out sort of with a slide hammer and then adding a gallon or two of plastic filler. Dammit. So today I removed all of the paint and plastic filler. Then I welded up all of the holes in the door and got all of the dents out that I could get behind. As for the other dents (which are behind a structural crossmember), I will need to get a stud welder and pull them out with that. Uugh... more time. More money.

The old door which was very straight and bondo free except for the bottom edge.

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