12/26/11 Passenger Side Finish Work

Today the passenger side door filler was sanded flat and smooth. The metal work underneath wasn't perfectly flat and then the door was primed and then blocked where some high spots were discovered and sanded flat. Then the passenger side fender, which is completely rust free must have been run up on a curb at some point, and the very bottom lip was bent up and a couple of spots were dented very low down. Since the mounting bolts were already out from inside the car, I pulled out the fender to get behind it, and worked out the dents with hammer and dolly before using my 5" sheet metal pliers to bend the lip back into place. The inner rocker has been replaced at some point and is very solid, so that too was bent back down to line up with the fender and allow it to be bolted back on. Finally, the fender was reattached at the interior with the three bolts and also along the rocker panel bottom with another three bolts. Finally, a skim coat of filler to leave the bottom perfectly smooth. The front edge of the hood was straightened with a body hammer, and the stud welder with slide hammer to gently pull the dents out. Finally a skim coat of filler there as well to perfect the area and the whole hood was primed. At this point, the last remaining work to be done is the drivers door finish work and the driver's side dog leg. With any luck, I'll be able to finish these things this week, get the whole car in zinc primer (the green), and then a few coats of 2K primer. Then some spot putty for little spots, and a block sanding in preparation for paint. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and can't wait for body work to be done.

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