12/27/11 Driver's Side Work

I'm bouncing back and forth. Today I worked on a few holes where the metal pitted around where the convertible top sits on the car. The metal around the holes was solid yet it was rusted through. All of the holes were welded up with a brass backing plate to prevent sticking. For the corner which was rusted away, I cut some MG metal from the damaged door that is now scrap, slid it underneath the rusted hole and welded it in place. Then I ground away the excess, tapped it down to fill in where it had rusted and welded it the rest of the way. Very solid and fixed the right way. With MG metal!

This headlight bucket had been hit in the past and repaired. I ground off all of the body filler that was there, tapped out the dents as best I could and used a skim coat of filler to make it perfect.

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