12/29/11 Cowl repair, clean up and finish work on the passenger side.

Today the dashboard was unbolted and pulled back from the cowl. The washer jets were removed and the windshield wiper drives were simply pushed through the cowl to get them out of the way. There were two small holes on the driver's side fender next to the cowl which were welded up and ground back smooth. A very thin coat of filler to perfect the finish and that was done. Next I turned my attention to the passenger side rocker panel which didn't need any repair but there was some filler that got on it from the door that was sanded off, and the entire rocker was sanded back for a few little scratches and for good primer adhesion. The back quarter was blocked again to get it as perfect as possible and take care of a few little scratches. Every time I go around, I find a few more little things that need to be corrected before final primer and paint.

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