3/18/2012 Work Continues Slowly.

I am working on the car, ten minutes at a time. So... my updates are few and far between but as this semester winds down, work should pick up again. Afterall, I've amassed some parts to keep me busy!

Since my last update, I've temporarily connected the wiring inside the passenger compartment, reset the ignition timing, hooked up the fuel lines and fired up the engine. So far it's only run a few times, for a few minutes each time because the alternator needs to be re-installed, and since that belt also drives the water pump, I could not let the car warm up. Over the last week, I've re-fit the GM Delco alternator, which came with the car and is an upgrade from the Lucas units which tend to not charge the battery or over-charge. This alternator is internally regulated, and cheap to replace which is why I stuck with it.

I notched out the mount and installed it right-side-up (it came installed upside down with spacers and was NOT right) and wired it today. Before I fire it up, I'll be replacing the rear original alternator bracket and perhaps beefing up the water pump mount with a steel bracket so the bracket doesn't crack off.

Today I also bought $25 worth of gas and put it in the tank, anticipating moving the car very soon and not wanting to run out of gas at the bottom of the driveway. Hopefully this week I can take another 1/2 hour or so and get some help to bleed the brakes and clutch hydraulics, and get the car off of the rollers, to get it ready to drive down to the end of the driveway.

Since the car is registered and insured, it can go down the road as soon as it hits the ground. Just can't go very far without a windshield or any lights, doors, hood or trunk to speak of.

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